Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Month of Christmas

******Good Bye 2009, Hello 2010******

Finally, the year 2009 came to an end. Everywhere you go, there are christmas songs playing, places decorated with christmassy stuff... everyone are busy with their holidays, vacations and christmas shopping. In our midst of these, we should spend some quiet time reflecting back the year. Plenty of things happened throughout the year. I miss those occasional outdoor adventure that stimulate my adrenalin rush, outings to the mall for movie, sing k & shopping spree and spontaneously trips to 'pasar malam' or places to dine to satisfy the food we craved on. Or maybe you have met someone new, who inspires you in many ways, who is the beacon of light in you that ultimately changes your life forever ;) Or a group of friends who never fails to show you their love, support and encouragement in whatever things you do... Be it something awful that happened, but you had learn your lessons the hard way. Something to dwell upon, learning to be more sensitive towards other people's feeling, devoting time, money and effort into people's lives just to put a smile on their happy face. No matter what it is, nothing is better than knowing that you're still alive and your families and friends are safe =)

On the morning of 20th of Dec, together with fellow volunteers of City Harvest Community Care(CHCC), we visited Trinity Children Centre in PJ to spread our Christmas joy. I help out with the short drama that they put up and together we sang Christmas songs. The children sing along with us too =)

This is Lil. David, the kid was thrilled to received his Christmas-in-a-box contributed by CG W47 =)

Pica, the Santa was there too

The kids were overjoyed to see us all. It was a great effort by everyone who made it happen.

Last night, we gathered at Little Tree of Genting Kelang and had our very first Christmas Dinner in CG W47. I am thankful that most of the members came amidst their busy schedule. Overall it was a memorable night with lots of games, presents and laughter all the way! ^^

Thanks Jayne for the Christmas gift ^^

The gift I wrapped for Ginger..

Paul & Joey with their presents ^^

In all things Christmassy with presents under the Christmas tree..
the best gift for Christmas is to see the goodness in another,
recognize, acknowledge and reflect their goodness back to them.

Giving, not getting, sharing & spreading happiness
that brings to full bloom of Christmas Spirit.
In this joyous season of Christmas,
let us all celebrate this festive occasion
by giving and sharing our joy to others,
spending more time with families.

May peace be with you,
to prosper in years ahead,
and succeed & enjoy your journey in life.

******Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ******