Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Month of Christmas

******Good Bye 2009, Hello 2010******

Finally, the year 2009 came to an end. Everywhere you go, there are christmas songs playing, places decorated with christmassy stuff... everyone are busy with their holidays, vacations and christmas shopping. In our midst of these, we should spend some quiet time reflecting back the year. Plenty of things happened throughout the year. I miss those occasional outdoor adventure that stimulate my adrenalin rush, outings to the mall for movie, sing k & shopping spree and spontaneously trips to 'pasar malam' or places to dine to satisfy the food we craved on. Or maybe you have met someone new, who inspires you in many ways, who is the beacon of light in you that ultimately changes your life forever ;) Or a group of friends who never fails to show you their love, support and encouragement in whatever things you do... Be it something awful that happened, but you had learn your lessons the hard way. Something to dwell upon, learning to be more sensitive towards other people's feeling, devoting time, money and effort into people's lives just to put a smile on their happy face. No matter what it is, nothing is better than knowing that you're still alive and your families and friends are safe =)

On the morning of 20th of Dec, together with fellow volunteers of City Harvest Community Care(CHCC), we visited Trinity Children Centre in PJ to spread our Christmas joy. I help out with the short drama that they put up and together we sang Christmas songs. The children sing along with us too =)

This is Lil. David, the kid was thrilled to received his Christmas-in-a-box contributed by CG W47 =)

Pica, the Santa was there too

The kids were overjoyed to see us all. It was a great effort by everyone who made it happen.

Last night, we gathered at Little Tree of Genting Kelang and had our very first Christmas Dinner in CG W47. I am thankful that most of the members came amidst their busy schedule. Overall it was a memorable night with lots of games, presents and laughter all the way! ^^

Thanks Jayne for the Christmas gift ^^

The gift I wrapped for Ginger..

Paul & Joey with their presents ^^

In all things Christmassy with presents under the Christmas tree..
the best gift for Christmas is to see the goodness in another,
recognize, acknowledge and reflect their goodness back to them.

Giving, not getting, sharing & spreading happiness
that brings to full bloom of Christmas Spirit.
In this joyous season of Christmas,
let us all celebrate this festive occasion
by giving and sharing our joy to others,
spending more time with families.

May peace be with you,
to prosper in years ahead,
and succeed & enjoy your journey in life.

******Merry Christmas & Happy New Year ******

Monday, November 30, 2009

Random Thoughts

No matter who you are or who you have become, everyone has done something in his or her life that they regret doing. Leaving behind something and thinking how it could have been or neither been. The saying goes, what if we could go back in time, to relive that day, to take back what we said, to change our fate and to alter the course of our destiny. Going back to that exact moment and amend the situation to achieve what we desired. What if we could take back what we have said and avoid that conflict. Things could turned out better. The saddest part is, we can never change something from the past. The dreaded feeling of unrest and regret will most certainly haunt us. And sometimes we never learn from our past mistakes which results in repercussions.
And for that, I am guilty of falling into pits of oblivion....

I am an avid dreamer, one who loves to daydream so often, dwell upon my own sweet time to complete stuff at my own pace. Constantly pursuing fantasies far beyond my reach rather than dreams that are within my grasp. It can be said that I always aim for the best and will not take anything that fall short of what I believe I can achieve. But in everything I do, there is always a limit, no matter how much I detest of it, holding me back... I would most often have a change of heart regarding certain issues and interest because of this. Hence the title of my blog - MyEverWanderingHeart suits me well. Lack of patience in people and myself at times, and keep on reminding myself not to give up... and to show more faith and trust in people =)

It seems so easy for others, the way they do things, in leadership and fellowship. How easily they smile which radiates their cheerful personality. I admire their abilities to articulate their thoughts in the most eloquence of manner in such a profound ways that is witty yet light-hearted for those eager to listen. Able to mingle with any crowds they wish, communicating at the same frequency as others. And They possess charming personalities, showing humbleness towards people.

And there I was, thought I had everything figured out.
It goes to show how much I know bout the way life plays out...
There is a long way for me to go..
Assist me and criticize me whenever you can, be honest with me.
I promised I won't go too far off the radar ;)

Monday, October 5, 2009

Maple Music Video [MMV]

Spending my time idling in-front of the laptop watching videos on youtube is not the kind of holiday that I had in mind =_=

but nevertheless its still my holidaysss, unless there is something better to do.. hmm ... I should be training/practicing, building up for the emerge.. should probably continue my part time job hunt too ... been searching it for weeks >_< MMV are music videos created, designed and choreographed by maple fans to participate in the MMV competition, for their own interest and to share it to the world using various movie editing/making applications, portraying their funny and nice story-line into it, add their own touch into the plot. Before you guys continue reading further, I would like to emphasize that this blog post is just for enjoyment/entertainment/leisure purposes, just wish to share some nice videos with you guys. For those Maplers out there, I am sure you will LOVE this <3 but as those who are not the so called fanatic, I am pretty sure you will enjoy it as much as anyone else ^^ ENJOY!!

[MMV / MKV] - If You Were Gay

[MMV / MKV] - It Sucks To Be Me

The MMVs below is considered among the best that I have viewed. I rated it 5/5 for all aspects.
Do enjoy =)

[MMV] Take My Hand

Here are some others too, click on them to view:
[MMV] Taylor Swift - Fearless , This one is just sweet <3
[MMV] Everytime My Heart Beats ,Touching...
[MMV] Animal I have Become , Epic!
[MMV] Fantasy - DannyFernandes , I heart this song, you should too (:
[MMV] Love Story , Maple rendition of Taylor Swift's Love Story

Do leave some comments if you love it =)

I do miss my mapling days...

*All audio and third party content in this video belong to their rightful owners.*
*All images are copyrighted to©NEXON from the popular MMPORG Maplestory. All rights reserved. Made for entertainment purposes only. *

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My September

Happily Ever After ~

After the last paper of my dreaded trimester exam, there is nowhere else I wanna go in this world but the wedding dinner of my former cell-group leader, Eunice =) Everyone was so excited about this, I can still remember the bride counting away her wedding days back when she's still with us in cg, sharing her preparation, wedding preparation experience, on how she and Samuel planned their wedding and their honeymoon on the 27th to Australia. She's has always been a great inspiration to all of us, showing us great love and support. Even though I've known her for merely 8 months, but I could tell you that she has a great personality that compliments her beauty, strong will power that is synonym with feminism, an outgoing & cheerful person, quite serious on her work yet still loves to have fun, a dedicated leader who I admire and a devoted servant of God...

what I expressed back there was simply a brief from my point of view, describing her like that would be an understatement...

Oh, and her Kryptonite is the Durian, "the Fruit King" ... darn it, I don't quite understand why people hate it so much...... its so .... yummilicious!! .. just get pass the smell and you'll eventually love it, else you miss out someone nice :P *moving on*

Believe it or not, I've never been to a matrimony before.. too bad I missed this one..

On this sweet and memorable day, two wonderful people walked down the aisle, exchanged marriage vows, made promises to spend a lifetime together for rich or poor, for sickness and health and for better or worse...

Congratulation to the newly wedded

A whole new journey begins

Heavenly matched life long companion

Living a wonderful life together

Happily Ever After

Samuel & Eunice

I want my own fairly tale ending too....

A Long Awaited Holidayssssssss

OMG, 3 months of break from studies, woohoo! time to push aside all the books and say goodbyes to the exams, and saying "Home sweet home!" ... Going back Kuantan on today!! I can't believe this, but I actually miss home and my family :')
This is going to be awesomeeeee!! My Coursemates are coming to Kuantan for a visit, so so much more to anticipate cause they are my beloved friends, funny, goofy and plain annoying they may sounds, but they are a bunch of good friends sharing a good interest in food, leisure, and passion.
will update about this more in my bloggie, be sure to check them out =)

Special Wishing

Happy Beloved 61st Bday dad! Thank you for providing for the family, your constant support and love throughout my life, you taught me what's right and wrong, guided me time and time again, motivates and strives me forward.
You told me that the skies are the limits, that I can be whoever I wanna be,
and that there is absolutely nobody who can stop me if I never stop believing in my dreams,
and I never stop believe in mine ....
even though you're a free thinker,
and your ways are quite radical at times,

with your constant nagging and drunkard antics,
you suffered alot, we suffered alot too .... hmm...
all in all ...
You are my Hero, and I love you....

that's about it for this month...
Signing out ...
Happy happy holidays everyone, enjoy living life to the max,

Bon Voyage~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Journey of Life...

Life is like climbing an endless chain of mountains.
luscious green forest flourishes the region,
filled with mysteries and the unknowns,
demons and dangers lurking within.
A labyrinth pathway that leads to different destination,
because of the crossroad we stumble upon oh so often;
Taking the path less taken is a risk of high degree.
no matter how fast and how hard you try,
there is always something bigger and higher in-front of you.

Many had failed and gave up,
only to dream of what might be,
in seek of the promised success and victory,
and the land of paradise where life is beautifully perfect.
Those who succeed,
they lived to tell the tales of their sweet memories.

Sometimes, at a milestone in your life,
you'll feel as if there was thousands of arrows shooting at you.
They represents all the difficulties in life that you faced.
No matter how fast and how well you dodge it,
you might not come out from that situation alive.
You took an agonizing fall from grace,
fallin' downward spiral to the valleys of darkness and turmoil.

Lying motionless on the solid ground face up,
your blood soaks the moss covered forest floor,
couldn't stand up because you were so badly wounded.
Eyes are weary and everything started to fade,
having trouble breathing,
all hope is lost and the future seems bleak.
Staring at the clear blue sky having flash backs,
time passes by oh so slowly,
Askin' Where do I belong?

Feeling the warm breeze on your face,
the Sun shines and provide you instant heat;
onto your shivering blooded body.
He provides a glimmer of hope for you to stay strong.
Suddenly all painful memories of the past,
are merely compared to what He did for us,
the infinite immeasurable love and grace of God.
Finding comfort in Him and you feel inner peace.

And then you pick yourself up,
dust yourself and moved on.
Still feeling dazed from the experience,
but there is determination in your eyes.
Taking baby steps..
each steps you took are significantly too small,
but along the way, you gain wisdom.

Over-shadowed by others,
one cannot get through everything easily,
but that's just life.
Watching each steps as you took on that mounting challenge,
strive to fulfill your endeavour dreams.
With hope & faith in the name of Lord,
slowly, baby steps turns to walking,
and then running at a faster pace.
With the will of God granting you the wings of eagles;
soaring high above skies,
conquering the mountains.
The sky is the limit.

Life could only get better from there...

Isaiah 40:31
But those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength;
they shall mount up with wings like eagles,
they shall run and not be weary,
they shall walk and not faint.

I'd Give Anything but i won't Give Up!

p/s: I hope you got inspired! I was moved by Nick Vujicic and the song "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus...reflecting my life which prompted me to write this...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

If only ...

If only I was born in a different family,
I might had a different and better childhood memories,
that my own personalities and traits might be different.
But then, I wouldn't be who I am today for what my parents have taught me.

If only I was the only child in my family,
I would receive all the attention and love from my parents,
there wouldn't be any jealousy, sibling rivalry and fights.
But then, I wouldn't have learn how to share, forgive, humble and being modest.

If only I grow up in a better environment and lived in a better circumstances,
think about all the possibilities and greatness I could have been doing,
that I could pursue my dreams and do all the things I loved.
But then, I wouldn't be who I am today for what I have endured.

If only I had less friends who are bias, fake and have hidden intentions,
life would be better!
everyone are treated equality without discrimination,
regardless of gender, cultures, family background and race differentiation
But then again,
I wouldn't have learn to cherish and treasure my true friends.

If only I had the courage to tell her how she means to me,
there is so much in her, my heart melts every time she smile,
hope is all I have and never will I give up hope.
I'm not trying to impress or to vie her attention,
just have to be myself, cause that's who I am =)

Every now and then,
I gazed upon the sky,
in hopes to find a moment of solitude,
keeping only God in mind,
pray pray and keep on praying ...
thinking of what I can do to change the world
and make a difference.
We should be selfless;
Love others with passion,
as God loved us with compassion.

p/s: I wrote this from my heart, cuz its not easily speaking out my mind... It is hard to talk about my past, usually brings me back to melancholic feelings... well, I'm in a positive and jovial mood, and I will never ever let my past affect me =)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hype Sunday Maelstrom

With only 7 of us from team 23 & team 26 of CHC community care, we set out our journey to Seri Setia Old Folks Home located in PJ with the idea to help and serve them. Boon Hock and Ken drove there, bringing along brooms, mop, pales and other stuff.

Showing alot of enthusiasm in helping the older generation, hoping to show them that they are not forgotten or forlorn. Our passion in serving the community was high, everyone knows that its going to be a really tough job ahead. But in our journey there, we got lost in the densely populated urbanized housing estate! It was like a maze of narrow cross-roads. We spent more than 20 minutes driving in circles and Ken was driving behind us with Vino on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Asking directions from residents and the locals for the place went to no avail. When all hopes were lost, an unexpected help came by the form of my new SE G705 phone which is equipped with A-GPS & Google Maps functionality that is really handy for people like me, who usually got lost in the population dense city of KL. With the help of technology, we finally able to reach the location. Thank God.

What stood there was more than 4 storey high complex that probably has more than 50 people inside. Obviously, we were nervous and unprepared, we didn't do thorough research and survey before we came. What we can contribute to them are merely a token of sentimental values for what they down for us when we're young. With only 7 men power, our tasks were monumental, and that is why Boon Hock decided to call-off the whole thing and call it a day. If we're suppose to help them out, we need to work out a right plan that can coincide with more than 50 people there, that will greatly made an impact to them, and we would feel better too. So, our plans literally fails, but our heart are set for yet another journey there next time around, by then we would have muscle out more members to join and involve to be able to make a difference =)

Hey, at least out of the 30 persons, we were the only few who showed enthusiasm and passion into it even though our mission failed. Its alright, I believe more will come as I take more chances that life gave to me, I'm sure that chances won't pass me by so easily... Kudos to to the 6 of them, Boon Hock, careen, Ken, Vino, Candice and Petula.

Here is the address of the place :)

Rumah Sejahtera Seri Setia
Lot 13559, Jalan SS 9A/20
Sungai Way, 47300 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 03-78768594

My day continued with shopping in KLCC, after all, its the Mega Sales,

bought a few stuff for myself. All in a day's work.. can't wait until later today..
But still wish to round up the gang to go for a shopping spree... anyone interested?
Call me! XD